HKD$347.38 HKD$267.22

Fortified with Whey protein
30g protein or 6g sugar
Naturally flavored
Guilt fee dessert


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Each bar delivers the highest quality protein blend, starting with Whey Protein Isolate with low sugar, fit crunched baked bars eliminate the sugar spike while making it easy to stay on track with your fitness goals. People usually try a protein bar and say, that’s good for a protein bar with fit crunch baked bars, people take one bite and after being speechless for a few seconds they say, this doesn’t taste like a protein bar. The baking technology provided by Sean Perich and the gourmet inspired taste of Chef Robert Irvine, is what sets fir crunch baked bars apart from the rest. A lifelong body builder as well as the acclaimed culinary expert who is famous for bringing great taste to nutritious foods, Chef Robert Irvine said this about the bar: As good as anything I’ve ever made. Fit crunch baked bars have redefined the protein bar experience by crafting a great tasting healthy solution for fitness motivated individuals looking to reach their potential.