HKD$390.45 HKD$300.35

25 grams of quality slow-release protein per serving
Promotes muscle preservation & muscle building
Ideal for all-day use and/or before bed
High in branched-chain amino acids & L-glutamine
Allows constant muscle feeding all day & night
Delicious and fulfilling formula


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Timing your protein intake is crucial for muscle growth, and Casein Fusion delivers the perfect blend of slow-release proteins for feeding your muscles around the clock. Quick-release proteins are ideal for immediately after workouts, but when you want to trickle feed your muscles all day, you need the slow and steady release of protein from Casein Fusion.

The custom protein matrix in Casein Fusion is made with the perfect ratio of micellar casein and caseinate to release muscle-building amino acids into your blood stream for up to seven hours after ingestion. That makes it great for use during the day and perfect for a before-bed snack, ensuring that you’re building and preserving muscle all day and night.

The slow-release nature of Casein Fusion allows you to deliver muscle-building protein and anti-catabolic nutrients to your hungry muscles 24/7. You can preserve your hard-earned muscles and build new muscles all day, every day.